Terrace unique board

Terrace unique board

Terrace unique board, also called decking, is an ideal flooring for floors located directly under the sky, for patio flooring and paths on a country plot. Today, WPC, that is, wood polymer composite, is an ideal option for flooring, which is why decking has become a popular and relevant tool for arranging various household plots. WPC is used for the manufacture of a footpath, floors for gazebos, sidewalks near the house, a summer kitchen, making floors on terraces or balconies.

Modern terrace boards are also called deck boards in our country and abroad. This material has a special corrugated surface, which is also called Anti-slip, thanks to such a surface it will be difficult to slip on the floor, even if it is wet or frozen.

Terrace board is often used in the decoration of bridges, various piers and pools, as well as for rooms in saunas and bathrooms of various rooms. Thanks to the WPC, it will be pleasant to walk on such a floor barefoot, while the sensations will be more pleasant than when walking on a floor made of ceramic or stone. If a WPC floor gets wet, it will not slip, unlike wood.

Terraced modern boards are made for the operation of floors under the sky and in difficult weather conditions. The plank floor will not be afraid of rain and snow, nor will it be afraid of significant temperature changes. Terrace unique ordinary board is a composite special material, which is made of polymer and crushed various wood.

Extruded wood fibers make up a fairly large percentage of the composition of the boards, usually up to 80%, this composition gives unique qualities that are characteristic only of wood. The binder here is a polymer composition, it is he who gives bio-protective properties and increases the shelf life, as well as increases mechanical properties, such as strength and wear resistance.

Thanks to the use of frost-resistant additives in the form of polyethylene, WPC will have significant moisture resistance and heat resistance. The boards will perfectly retain their qualities and geometric standard indicators, they will not deform in bad weather and will not warp in frost and rain. Also, the boards do not change their general properties under the influence of the sun’s rays, and even at a temperature of 50C they will retain an aesthetic and beautiful appearance, and most importantly, that their service life will be surprisingly long.

To protect the floors from harmful effects, a number of component additives are added to the composition of the boards. Such high-quality decking during operation can only slightly change its color over time, but it will be practically invisible to humans. This material is environmentally friendly, as it is made from pure safe elements, while no harmful formaldehyde resins, glues and other hazardous elements are added.

Terrace unique boards have the color, general pattern and even the smell of natural ordinary wood, which is why this material is often chosen by those who prefer a wood finish. It is better to choose boards made from sustainable wood grown in tropical modern plantations, such products do not even need to be protected. In addition, these flooring boards require the most minimal and very simple maintenance.

WPC flooring will be very durable, meaning it can be cleaned, as well as rubbed and brushed. This effect will not damage the floors, which in any case will look decorative and elegant. Terrace boards are easy to drill and saw, they can hold bolts and staples firmly, and the installation and dismantling of floors will be simple and quick.

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