The best clothes dryers

The best clothes dryers

Usually, for drying clothes in Russia, simple ropes are used, which are pulled on hooks between the walls either in the bathroom or on the balcony. Such designs are as simple and convenient as possible, but there are also ready-made hangers for drying clothes, which are either installed on the floor or attached to the ceiling, battery or wall. What’s more, you can find electric hangers on the market. Electric clothes dryers are perhaps the best of modern options (with the exception of a clothes dryer).

Portable dryers are the perfect solution for any home where the amount of clothes to be washed is large enough that only a towel rack in the bathroom is enough to dry them. But there are so many options on the market that the choice is dizzy. What is better to choose?


To dry clothes faster, hang them in a well-ventilated area. For this reason, many people prefer a balcony to a bathroom. Clothes hung on the balcony do not affect the interior too well, but dry much faster. However, if ventilation is installed in the bathroom and the room is not steamed every day (they are not washed with hot water, creating condensation), then things can also be dried in the bathroom.

If the bathroom allows, you can use basic free-standing dryers, but as a rule, in Russian apartments, bathrooms are not so large that such dryers can fit in them. Therefore, dryers of this type are placed in the corridor or room. This seriously spoils the type of interior, therefore, as an alternative, it is worth considering any type of suspension dryer (with a mount to the ceiling, wall, heated towel rail).

Other factors to consider when choosing a dryer are listed below.

Clothes dryer material type

The material from which the structure is made is of great importance. Unprotected metals will rust from moisture, and lightweight plastic can quickly break under the weight of wet clothes. Stainless steel is considered the most ideal option, but dryers made of plastic, wood and other types of metal are most common. Plastic can also be considered an ideal choice for this product, provided that the construction is strong enough and well built. Wooden dryers are fine as long as they are made from hardwood, but in that case they will be quite heavy. If the dryer is made of softwood, then it can become frustrating over time when it absorbs a lot of water.

Dryer size

The size depends on the purpose of use. For example, many people buy large folding dryers just to dry their bedding on them from time to time. But if the dryer is bought for permanent use, then you should clearly calculate the required width or length of the product, so that after a while you do not have to buy another additional dryer.

Modern options for clothes dryers

Those who want to keep up with technological progress prefer to choose advanced device options. In the dryer market, electric clothes dryers are considered advanced. The use of such devices is limited by the availability of electricity and not everyone seems to find them more convenient than traditional dryers.

Please note that modern dryers, both electric and conventional, have very non-standard shapes that help save space (these are called ergonomic dryers). For example, there are ceiling structures that, if necessary, are pulled out (usually on the “scissors” system) from the ceiling, but when assembled, they are tightly pressed to the ceiling and are almost invisible. There are very handy spin dryers and many other options.

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