The choice of an electric rhuban

The choice of an electric rhuban

There are frequent cases when familiar things after some time appear in a new form. There is no doubt that the electric wheelchais is already a perfect new device.

Rubanok is a tool used in construction, for which it is important to have a significant weight. When stricting too light models, “steps” occur. In this regard, the mass that has a bed has deserves special attention here.

At the same time, you can not pay attention to what sizes the chips are removed using an electric grinder at a time. After all, the removal of a significant volume seems to be a very difficult operation. Often this leads to the appearance of “steps”. Most often limited to a cut of up to 2 mm. It is imperative to find out from the seller what material the belt used in the tool you are interested in is made of. It is desirable that the planer has a rubber-based belt. Experts adhere to this opinion, since it is highly elastic and strong, and is also able to cope with a significant and prolonged load.

Like other power tools used in construction, planers can be classified into professional and household models. The most convenient sign of their separation is the power level: for devices designed for professionals, this parameter exceeds 700 watts. As for household models, they operate in the range of 400-700 W. In addition to this, professional models are distinguished by the presence of a pair of blades.

In most cases, household models have only one blade, but among them, devices manufactured under the Bosch brand deserve special attention: there is no need to adjust the blade due to the presence of an unusual drum balancing system. Before using the planer, be sure to wear construction gloves and goggles.

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