The history of the emergence of the news portal Sloboda Krai

The history of the emergence of the news portal Sloboda Krai

The reading audience learned about the Sloboda Krai newspaper in the harsh year of 1917. During the indicated period, the first issue of the weekly appeared on sale, which was destined for a great future.

For a long time, despite the difficult times, he did not get lost among the like, but reached a completely new level. At the current time, Slobidskyi krai has become a recognizable media brand, simultaneously combining a news portal and an old newspaper, which initially covered events only in Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region.
In addition to its own website, this portal has gathered communities in the vastness of social networks, which increases its recognition.

It broadly covers the events taking place on the territory of Ukraine and in all corners of the globe. Here you can read Balakliya news and a delicious and healthy dinner recipe.

The success of Slobodskaya Krai is due to the team of professionals who lead it. They take care of the timely updating of the portal information so that the reader does not get bored. This approach preserves and increases the readership.

Principles of operation of the news portal Sloboda Krai

This resource, for a long time, has been a proven and reliable source of information, which is trusted by a large number of subscribers, and the presentation in Ukrainian makes it understandable and accessible even for older people.

In its work, the multimedia site team adheres to the following principles:

  • always provide readers with only verified and reliable information;
  • protect your reputation, leaving it clean and spotless;
  • to be independent, which gives him the right to post news on the site about everything and everyone, and not paid for by politicians;
  • the newspaper and the site carry news about people living in Ukraine, talk about their joys, problems and ways to solve them;
  • lozova news informs that this news portal always takes care of its subscribers and readers, forming rubrics according to their interests.

Journalists of Sloboda Krai receive up-to-date information from the authorities and the readers themselves. The last category of news is carefully checked to avoid distortion of facts under the influence of emotions.
From this source you can find out how the inhabitants of Kharkov and the Kharkov region live. This newspaper is about ordinary people, among whom subscribers and readers can recognize their acquaintances or friends.

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