The right kitchen right tile

The right kitchen right tile

We all experience renovation at least once in our lives. Of all the rooms in a home, one of the most important is probably the kitchen. After you decide on its design, you need to choose and buy a tile for the kitchen, because, unlike furniture, it usually goes through several repairs.


The right selection will create coziness, comfort and a desire to create culinary masterpieces. Kitchen tiles should inspire and at the same time be the highlight of the interior in the kitchen.

When exploring suitable options, you should pay attention to:


the size;

drawing and pattern;



It is necessary to choose a tile in those places where a huge assortment is presented. It is better if there are several places in order to evaluate all the above features. When sales assistants talk about factories and manufacturers, remember that they need you to quickly make your purchase in a way that is beneficial to them. Therefore, be vigilant and do not rush with the final decision, because the repair and choice of finishing materials leads not only to quarrels and scandals in the family, but also to the alteration of an already made repair, and this is all money and time. Remember such subtleties in specialized stores and construction hypermarkets, as the remains of a series. Often they are offered at a big discount. Maybe you’ll find something there to your liking. After all, the kitchen does not have to be completely tiled, in some cases only 2-3 sq. m.

After you decide on the color of the tiles, you can immediately select the grout for the joints. You can dream up a little and imagine how this or that shade of the seam will look, it may be worth experimenting with contrasts.

A separate topic for conversation is high-quality and even masonry. If you contact a construction company, then make sure of its qualifications, read reviews about the company or ask former clients. When deciding to carry out repairs on your own, be sure to watch the video of the master class on how to properly and incorrectly lay tiles. But in any case, do not save money when buying mounting adhesive. Both its quality and sufficient quantity are very important.

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