The share of the apartment in the inheritance: how to manage?

The share of the apartment in the inheritance: how to manage?

Today, it is quite common and common to have joint shared ownership of real estate. During the privatization of housing, many citizens became owners of part of the housing.

The inheritance of such property raises a lot of doubts and questions, what to do with the received share in the apartment further? In addition, a typical situation is when it is not possible to use part of the area for its intended purpose, because the “neighbors” may be dissatisfied with the new tenant.

But, despite all the troubles that can “fall on the head” of the newly-made owner of a part of the apartment, inheritance of a share is the most popular method of transferring property after the death of the owner. In our country, it is considered the simplest and “absolutely safe”.

There are several nuances that relate to future heirs:

After the death of the owner of the home, it will take some time to wait for the entry into the inheritance. During this period, troubles are possible in the form of challenging other heirs of the fact that has taken place in court.

Wills can also be contested. For example, those heirs who failed to grab a “piece of the pie” can challenge the legal capacity of the main owner of the property at the time of signing the documents. Thus, the will can be invalidated.

It is also not uncommon for heirs who have the right to receive a mandatory share in an apartment to remind themselves of themselves – for example, minor children.

What to do with inheritance?

So, you received a share in the apartment as an inheritance, what to do with it next? If you need housing, then in this case you can settle in the share required by law, but other owners may in every possible way prevent this. Of course, you can independently enter the apartment and move into it. This method of settling is permitted by law: to break open the doors, but in no case should you fight and damage other people’s property. It should be assumed that after such a settlement, the conflict between the owners of shared property will only intensify, and it is almost impossible to live in such an atmosphere.

The second way, thanks to which you can profitably dispose of the share received as an inheritance, is to sell it! In this case, it is recommended to use the services of a real estate agency in Moscow, which carries out an urgent buyout of shares in Moscow.

Selling a share: how to make a venture?

If a decision was made in favor of the sale of the share that was inherited, then first of all it is necessary to notify the other co-owners of their intentions. To do this, a written notice is drawn up with a proposal to take advantage of the pre-emptive right to purchase your share. The letter must indicate the desired cost, as well as all the conditions of the seller. If none of the owners wished to purchase your share within a month after receiving the notice, the seller has the right to sell part of the apartment to any buyer.

You should be aware that an attempt to sell a share without an offer to other owners entails challenging such a transaction in court. In this case, you will receive your share back and return the funds to the buyer. Also, the price for a share must fully correspond to the value stated in the letter, which was addressed to other owners of the apartment.

In order for the transaction to go through as quickly and profitably as possible, and also to fully comply with applicable law, it is recommended to contact a trusted real estate agency in Moscow. The specialists of such companies have extensive experience and the necessary knowledge. The deal is guaranteed to be profitable for you!

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