Things to keep in mind when building or renovating a house

Things to keep in mind when building or renovating a house

Many clients ask a construction company questions like: “I want a small house, how much would such a project cost??”. And representatives of the contractor are usually lost, because they have a whole range of ready-made solutions, but the final price will still depend on many factors. You are told the approximate amount for the design of wooden houses and even for their construction, but do not include interior design or purchase of furniture. And you immediately want to know how much everything will cost, forgetting that not all services are part of one construction bureau. Wiring of water supply, electricity, installation of insulation and air conditioning systems, arrangement of the roof and attic, basement insulation and many other things that are of great importance for living are paid separately. All this, most often, is the work of individual specialists. You forget about it and get a price only for bare walls, and even in this option it may not be final. This is the first thing you need to consider in order not to be surprised at the lack of funds for the final construction work.

You should always keep in mind all the important costs that you will have to make before you start using the finished house.  The same goes for renovations. For example, your house needs plumbing, so remember that in addition to buying a toilet, you will have to pay for its installation, as well as water wiring and additional pipes if required. The mistake many people make when budgeting for repairs is that they often overlook either the cost of the service or the cost of the product. There are cases when customers purchase a toilet without a cistern and are very surprised when they have to pay for additional services of a plumber for buying a cistern and two work calls, in addition to the work itself. There is also a mistake of operators and managers in this, who call only the cost of the call on the phone, forgetting to mention that in addition to the call, the customer will have to pay for the work itself, the cost of which will depend on various factors.  It will be possible to determine these factors only after diagnosing the problem (this is one price) in combination with the work itself (this is the second price), as well as in combination with the purchase of the necessary parts (this is the price for parts + price for the purchase). Fortunately, not all companies cheat prices this way, so the second rule of proper budgeting is to find a conscientious contractor or a good repair service.

The third thing to think about: extra money is always spent on details that we do not notice.  To save the budget, you need to clearly understand what you need to get and for what purpose. Remember these wonderful notes of your supervisor on the margins of your thesis: “by whom? for what reason? why are you describing this?? why?”. All these questions seemed meaningless to you then, but you corrected your work by clarifying the answers to them. Now imagine that you want to install wooden floors in your new home and ask yourself the question: “why? why wooden?”. This is not the cheapest material, and we are not asking you to lay very cheap linoleum, but why not choose a laminate?  If you know a sure answer to this question, then that’s great – lay a wooden floor.  But if you do this without knowing the reason, then study the topic in more detail and choose the option that suits you in terms of functionality and budget. This applies to absolutely everything – from the material of the walls to the type of thermal insulation. Only by thinking through every detail and choosing the right combination of budget with the right quality, you can build the house that you need and within your budget.

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