Townhouses in the village of “Artek” are 1.5 times cheaper than apartments in Krasnogorsk

Townhouses in the village of “Artek” are 1.5 times cheaper than apartments in Krasnogorsk

Analysts of the investment and development company Foxa, the developer of the Artek cottage village, studied the housing market in new buildings in Krasnogorsk near Moscow. Based on the results of the monitoring, the experts came to the conclusion that a townhouse in the Krasnogorsk district will cost much less than an apartment in a new building. The difference in the average cost per square meter is 1.5 times.

To date, real estate in the primary market of Krasnogorsk is the most expensive among all cities near Moscow. According to the data obtained by analysts of the Fox investment and development company, which sells the Artek cottage settlement in the Krasnogorsk district, the average cost per square meter in the city’s new buildings in April amounted to 89.6 thousand. rubles. Since the beginning of the year, the price has undergone minor changes – the average cost of a “square” has decreased by a little less than 1% due to the sale of several buildings at the stage of excavation.

The lowest cost per square meter in apartments is presented in a residential complex in the Chernevo-2 microdistrict. It is 65.5 thousand. rubles. At this price, you can buy a three-room apartment with an area of ​​97 sq. m. Its cost will be 6.35 million. rubles. It is noteworthy that a townhouse of the same area with all communications connected in the second stage of the Artek cottage village will cost a million rubles cheaper – 5.3 million. rubles.

At the same time, the highest cost per square meter in Krasnogorsk is fixed at the level of 128.5 thousand. rubles in residential complex “Krasnogorskaya Riviera”. This figure is 2.4 times higher than the cost of a “square” in the village of townhouses “Artek”. Thus, for the cost of a one-room apartment of 43 sq. m in this residential complex in “Artek” you can buy a spacious section in a townhouse twice as large in area. And if we compare the cost of the most expensive apartment in the Krasnogorskaya Riviera with the most expensive townhouse in the Artek cottage village, then the difference in price will be over 7 million. rubles: 14.88 million. rubles for an apartment against 7.25 million. rubles for a townhouse. Moreover, the area of ​​both objects will be comparable, but in the townhouse it is 8.5 meters more (130 sq. m and 138.5 sq. m respectively).

It should be noted that in the last days of April in Krasnogorsk, sales began in the new residential complex “Park Rublevo”, which was not taken into account during the monitoring. According to preliminary data, the cost per square meter in the project will start from 157 thousand. rubles, and the upper limit will be 203 thousand. rubles. Due to the release of a new volume of supply, the average cost of a meter in the Krasnogorsk region will increase significantly in the coming months. And if now it exceeds the price per square meter in the village of Artek townhouses by 1.5 times, then in the future this gap will increase to at least two times. At the same time, for the cost of the most expensive apartment in the Park Rublevo residential complex (39.8 million. rubles, 251 sq. m), in Artek it would be possible to purchase almost a whole block of townhouses, consisting of 6 sections of 99.5 sq. m and two end sections of 118.1 sq. m. The total area of ​​the lot would be over 800 sq. m.

“Today, buying a townhouse in the Artek cottage village is the best offer in the Krasnogorsk region in terms of price-quality ratio. The cost of a meter in the village is almost 20% lower than in the cheapest new building. At the same time, the village is located at a small distance from the center of Krasnogorsk and from the Moscow Ring Road, it has all the necessary central communications, the pace of construction is significantly ahead of multi-storey new buildings. Not to mention the quality: the construction is being carried out by the SMU-306 company, one of the best contractors in the Moscow region, including those fulfilling orders from various government agencies,” sums up Igor Panfilov, project manager for the Artek cottage settlement.

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