Trends for apartment renovation in 2014

Trends for apartment renovation in 2014

Trends for apartment renovation in 2014

Are you going to do renovations in your house in the new year?? Wanting to improve your home environment is a reasonable decision, but if you are still not sure what exactly you want to see in the new style of your home, we can help. Let’s look at what advice experts in the field of design and engineering can give you so that your apartment renovation is not only successful, but also in a fashionable way.


If you are renovating your kitchen, then you should know that it is fashionable to buy kitchen sets with modern accents. Not to be confused with a country dwelling, wooden furniture and rustic style are still in vogue, but in an urbanized apartment building, kitchens should be made minimalistic, shiny and modern. It is especially important to add top and bottom lights, as well as to maximize the lighting in general, so that the room becomes bright and shiny. Remember, however, that there is the concept of “fashionable”, and there is what you like. If you are not a fan of shiny metal and plastic-stone surfaces, then choose your favorite wood and do not listen to anyone who will convince you otherwise.


The brass trend will return in 2014. There is nothing new in the material, but, polished, bright brass unexpectedly began to be considered as an element of a cozy house.  Brash Boodles from brass, door brass handles, kitchen accessories and other accents from brass for the house should be purchased if you like to be in trends.

3. Cold relaxing bath

When we are talking about a cold bath, we, thank God, do not mean the reception of ice baths. In fashion in 2014, the bath decor will be cold accents and glass tiles. In fact, during different surveys of designers, it became clear that the most popular options for bathrooms would be to get rid of baths and replacement of them either with large hydromassage jacuzzi (where possible), or installing a hydromassage cabin instead of a bath. As well as last year, you can make them yourself instead of buying a bath or shower, by laying out the barrier with ceramic tiles.


One of the most fashionable trends regarding all sectors of human life is the use of environmentally friendly materials. That is, this also applies to repair. Probably, the mass attention of people to the ecology has come to us since the beginning of 2013, from the moment when the crisis with Snog broke out in China, demonstrating the sad consequences of the lack of attention to ecosystems. Since then, China is fighting polluted air, and people carefully choose the products that they buy and from which they build. Now energy efficiency and clean production are the main trend.


While the most basic background for rooms continues to be a neutral palette, bright colors are inserted as accents. So, designers predict the popularity of decor in 2014, made in fresh green, lemon, nectarine and hard-red colors. A number of experts believe that the trend will include bright floors.

You can take advantage of these trending features if you plan to make repairs next year.  Apartment renovation in Moscow, taking into account the fashion trends of the coming year, can be ordered from IlleonStroy. Managers of the IlleonStroy company will gladly and with great pleasure listen to all your wishes regarding the design of the apartment. And the workers, with undying enthusiasm, will carry out any construction and finishing work, including the intricate decoration of the bathroom with small glass mosaics or laying out portraits of celebrities in an unusual way on the walls of your bedroom.

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