Warm water floor under the laminate and its installation

Warm water floor under the laminate and its installation

A warm water floor under a laminate today is a very hot topic in the decoration of apartments, as well as suburban construction, so this issue must be approached very seriously, especially when choosing a laminate.First, consider the advantages of water floors under the laminate. Firstly, it is convenient in that the method of heating a house is reliable and safe. The warm floor is successfully combined with the laminate, and installing it is not so difficult as it seems at first glance. Secondly, the water floor evenly warms the surface of the screed, which positively affects the shelf life of the laminate.

In order to prepare the “water floor under the laminate” system, it is necessary to take care of the appropriate level of humidity of the screed, it must be well warmed up, dried. To do this, the underfloor heating system is turned on, with a gradual increase in temperature.

It does not matter which screed will be used in order to mount and install water-heated floors under the laminate, we must not forget that the surface must be protected from moisture. For this, a plastic film is taken, which is laid on a screed and fastened with adhesive tape. To soften the blows of the laminate on the surface of the screed, a material is placed on the polyethylene, which plays the role of noise insulation. The substrate is also laid end-to-end along the length of the room, and fastened with the same tape.

At the end of the laminate flooring in combination with a water floor, the following rules should be followed. The daily rise in the temperature of the water floor should be approximately 5 degrees. At the beginning of the cold period, the temperature should be raised in stages every day. Thus, temperature fluctuations can be avoided, which will keep the operating period of the laminate much longer. Taking into account our modern technologies, it is possible to close the water floor with absolutely any material.

If you plan to install a properly warm water floor under the laminate, you must comply with the mandatory requirements. Before laying the laminate, it is necessary to keep it indoors for several days. During this period of time, the material will acquire room temperature, respectively, it may slightly change shape after laying. Water floor, as a rule, is also prepared in advance. The laminate is installed according to the instructions that are included in the kit. You need to be very careful when choosing a laminate for a water floor. An inappropriate choice can lead to the uselessness of such a floor. Otherwise, heat simply will not flow.

Underfloor heating laminate must have strength and a thin insulating insert. Such a substrate will enable the warm floor to warm up the surface well, so the room will always be warm and comfortable, and the laid laminate on the warm water floor will delight its residents.

Water floor installation can be divided into several categories. The floor type is still divided into two most common categories. Concrete laying provides for a screed. The flooring is somewhat different from the concrete, excluding all wet processes, due to this, the speed of work increases significantly.

Before covering the surface with insulating material, it is necessary to clean it thoroughly. Thanks to thermal insulation, heat from the floor will not disappear. Thus, it will only come up. Various materials are used for thermal insulation device. The most used are the foam and polystyrene. The warm water floor under the laminate is not a simple task, but still fulfilling. Everything is done by people, to be informed enough, you can cope with any difficult problem.

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