We plant seedlings correctly and cassettes for seedlings

We plant seedlings correctly and cassettes for seedlings

The process of planting seedlings is a very responsible matter, since the level of quality of the crop will also depend on the level of quality of the seeds obtained. It may initially seem that to plant seedlings acquired somewhere-this is a very simple matter. It is enough just to find boxes and soil, purchase seeds in some store, place them in the ground, pour water-and expect a successful result.

In fact, the seedlings need more painstaking care, and many points in the course of cultivation depend on a variety of vegetation. It is necessary to clearly understand that different plants need different care and temperature indicators, as well as periods of landing and germination. The seedlings that have grown up with the use of a spent method will feel great in the ground and provide a good crop in the future. A well -placed home seedlings will be much less subject to various diseases, they will have a more solid roots system.

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Gardeners with sufficient experience do not recommend too hasty with the sowing procedure. Large seedlings are more difficult to tolerate planting on open ground surfaces and take root extremely unfavorably, for this reason it is necessary to strictly adhere to specific sowing dates. This can be done using the so-called lunar calendar.

For transplanting vegetation, it is quite possible to purchase very convenient containers. There are a lot of them on sale right now. These are modern plastic pots, peat containers, cassettes with special cells for mass seedlings, as well as high-quality nutrient cubes.

Since any plant needs warmth and light, seedling boxes must be placed on the windowsill. Seedlings can be easily hardened off by transferring them to a sunny and cool room where there is no heating. But, at night, seedlings must be carefully protected from unwanted frost. In addition to natural light, you can also use artificial light, thus increasing the “light day”.

If all the above conditions are met, then the seedlings will always be strong and very hardy. With all this, the vegetation will be covered with dense foliage and will begin to bloom quite early. If peat pots or nutrient cubes were used to place seedlings, then planting can be done later, with the arrival of warmer weather.

What kind of soil is needed?

The land that should be used for seedlings must necessarily contain elements that are necessary for vegetation. You can also mix humus and earth in equal proportions by adding mineral water and ash to this mixture. The earth is recommended to use loose, light, sod. In order to obtain the necessary composition, one part of sand, soddy soil and two parts of good humus are taken.

Before sowing, the land must be watered abundantly, wait for time to absorb the liquid. After that, you need to create small grooves (three to four millimeters) in which you need to place the seeds. Using a sieve, these seeds must be sprinkled with a five -mileytic earthen layer, after which the earth needs to be pressed with a palm. For an early germination, the temperature indicators of the room at 17-22 degrees Celsius will be required. Until the seeds have yet stolen, you need to cover the box with plywood or cardboard. After the shoots appear, the box needs to be moved to a cooler room with sufficient lighting with a temperature of 7-8 degrees to plant cabbage, 12-15 degrees for heat-loving vegetation (eggplant, cucumbers, peppers).

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