What is a bitcoin mixer and its main advantages

What is a bitcoin mixer and its main advantages

Bitcoin has long been one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. However, while many consider it private and anonymous, bitcoin transactions can actually be tracked and associated with specific users.

In order to make transactions safe and secure, so-called “BTC toggle switches” must be used. On the site you can see a detailed list of such services included in the collected top bitcoin mixers and choose the most suitable option for yourself.

Service Benefits

The choice of numerous users in favor of bitcoin mixers is primarily due to the fact that privacy and security are now valued. In addition, the following advantages can be noted when using crypto-mixers:

  • it is an online service that helps to mix bitcoins from different users, disguising their source;
  • the user uploads his bitcoins to the tumbler platform, and then the system mixes these funds with the funds of other users. As a result, you can get bitcoins that are associated with other addresses, which makes tracking transactions extremely difficult;
  • it is worth noting that the service generates a new unique address for each operation, which guarantees even greater anonymity when receiving mixed bitcoins;
  • all data on the service server is fully encrypted and available only to the system administrator.

Top 6 Best Crypto Mixers

If you pay attention to the rating of the most popular bitcoin mixers today, we can distinguish six of the most common among users today:

  • “BitMix” – is a well-known multi-currency blender that allows you to mix many popular coins (Bitcoin, Litecoin, and also Dash);
  • “Anonymix” – this kind of coin mixer is considered a pretty good choice for those who care about security first of all. It uses proven unique mixing algorithms;
  • “Wasabi Wallet” is an ideal platform for mixing bitcoins anonymously;
  • “CryptoMixer” – this type of crypto-blender among regular users is considered the most client-oriented. The maximum commission charged is three percent;
  • “Yomix” – this crypto-mixer can provide complete anonymity of ongoing transactional operations with coins;
  • “Coinomize” is one of the young, but quickly gaining popularity bitcoin mixing services.
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