What is green drywall?

What is green drywall?

Plain drywall is made primarily from gypsum, a mineral that looks like white sand, although a number of impurities can be pink, yellow, and gray. There is such a term as “green drywall”, which can be a little confusing for people, due to several types of definitions for this concept. the prefix “green” means not so much the color (although its surface is really green), but the water-resistant type. Roughly speaking, green drywall is water-resistant drywall, although sometimes the term is also applied to drywall that is made using environmentally sustainable techniques. And yet, in most cases, when talking about green drywall, they mean waterproof material.

Green drywall (water resistant) is widely used in bathrooms and kitchens where humidity can be quite high for normal drywall. With the help of a special technology, drywall is fixed as a wall covering, and is also used in the creation of ceilings. Different manufacturers have different drywall, the price for it also differs depending on the size of the sheets and the brand of the company.

Ordinary drywall is not used in wet areas, as it absorbs moisture and can easily fall apart under its influence. With green drywall, the chances of this are much less. However, it is worth remembering that although such drywall is water repellent, it is not completely waterproof. Roughly speaking, it should not get completely wet, which means installation directly behind the shower or at the sides of the bath is not recommended. Green drywall is also not a refractory material, so you should not mount it near stoves and open flames either.

As for the eco-friendly option, which is called green drywall, here we are talking about the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe production method. During the manufacture of traditional drywall (as in many other industries), carbon dioxide is released, and when creating green drywall, there is practically no carbon dioxide. Thus, there is ecological drywall, which is also called green drywall due to the fact that it has a low carbon footprint.

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