When is a septic tank better than a central sewer connection?

When is a septic tank better than a central sewer connection?

Sewerage in a country house is required so that you can get rid of sewage and waste. And you have certain options to choose from: a cesspool, a dry closet, a septic tank (or a biological treatment plant), as well as a connection to the central sewer. The latter option is convenient, but it is best to have an autonomous sewer, that is, a septic tank. A cesspool and dry closet are simple and cheap options, but not the most comfortable for suburban residents.

A septic tank is a waterproof container that is usually buried underground next to a house. Most often, sewerage in a private house, where it is not possible to connect to the central sewerage system, is carried out precisely with the help of a septic tank (or a biological treatment plant). Wastewater is sent to the septic tank and treated there, and then discharged into the soil. A septic tank needs to be looked after (regularly inspected and cleaned), but the choice of a septic tank and its operation depend on the number of people who live in the house. If the septic tank is full, then you will have to empty it, otherwise you will not be able to continue to use the toilets, sinks, bathroom, etc.P. You can do some septic tank maintenance yourself, but cleaning and major repairs are carried out by septic service specialists. That is, you will have to periodically seek help from different companies in order to maintain the work of your sewer. Therefore, if it is possible to connect to the central sewer, then people do it.

If you choose a central sewer (or village sewer), then, as in a septic system, sewer pipes are run from your house, but they do not lead to a tank on your site, but are connected to a public sewer. These pipes carry wastewater out of your home. You don’t have to take care of such a sewer (at least too much). It’s the same as sewerage in a city apartment. But still, you must take into account that the pipes that lead to the sewer must be good enough, because they will need repairs from time to time. In city houses, pipe repairs are carried out by management companies and plumbers of the HOA, and in your country house, plumbers hired by you will be engaged in this repair. Conducting sewer lines from a country house to a central sewer can be difficult and problematic, so not all cottage villages offer houses with sewers.

Own sewerage (septic tank) relieves you of the need to pay utility bills for the use of public sewerage and drainage. In addition, the process of connecting to the central sewer is very often a complex paperwork and what people call “hassle”. You may encounter problems during the connection itself (neighbors may not agree, approval may take time and require investment, you may encounter unreasonably high connection prices, etc.).P.), which people often cannot solve without the involvement of lawyers and courts. Things are easier with the local sewerage of the village. In such cases, sewerage is even more convenient than arranging individual treatment facilities, but you will still pay utility bills every month and pay for pipelines (sometimes at a higher price than you should).

Thus, many sincerely consider a septic tank the most profitable option for getting rid of sewage and waste. You will also pay from time to time for its maintenance, but you will not pay utility bills every month, overpay for pipes and deal with many bureaucratic issues.

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