Why are striped wallpapers good?

Why are striped wallpapers good?

In interior design, striped wallpapers have been popular for a long time. They are used in the creation of bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms. This type of decoration helps the room to become brighter and more dynamic, as well as visually adjust its dimensions. Striped wallpaper can change the size of the room, because horizontal stripes make it more voluminous and wide, and vertical ones make it tall.

The most soft and calm version of this interior can be considered a non-contrasting thin strip. From afar, this wallpaper will look monochromatic. Such a solution will never get bored and will perfectly cope with its task of expanding space.

If you like brightness and contrast, then you should choose not a thin, but a wide strip, because it is not too heavy for the eyes. This option will be most liked by the owners, who often arrange gatherings with friends. Colorful lines are a symbol of energy and dynamics, so they are perfect for the living room.

Why are striped wallpapers good?

If a strip of different colors seems too bold to you, you can select only one of the walls, pasting the rest with calmer shades of wallpaper. In this case, the striped side will be the main. It will become the main accent of the interior, so additional decorations will not be required, because decorative objects will simply be lost against the background of colorful stripes.

Striped colors are best chosen together with basic plain wallpaper, which matches one of the stripes in shade. Often manufacturers offer ready-made collections. You can also use color mixing as a base. For example, to the red-yellow range, pick up orange plain wallpaper.

Why are striped wallpapers good?

The strip can be combined with peas. This solution is perfect for a child’s room. Peas should match the strip in color and be about the same size with it. Also, striped wallpaper goes well with a floral pattern. In this case, one of the motifs is selected brighter and more contrasting.

An interesting solution is the combination of vertical and horizontal stripes. Thanks to this option, the boundaries of space expand both upwards and in depth. As a rule, bright wallpapers need to be supported by something else. For example, it can be curtains, a bedspread or furniture. If desired, you can paste over the entire room with striped wallpaper, but this option is only valid with wide, non-contrasting stripes.

The use of striped wallpaper is allowed in a variety of interior styles – from classic to avant-garde. Their use in a particular case depends on the size and color of the strips.

Vertical non-contrasting stripes of medium width are often used in a classic interior. As a rule, in this case, they should be aged in pastel shades: beige, milky, peach, light green, pale pink.

The bedroom for a girl in vintage style looks harmoniously against the background of striped wallpaper. A romantic interior in pastel shades is a four-poster bed, a dressing table and an abundance of textiles.

The interior of the room with striped wallpaper in contrasting bright colors can create an atmosphere of the 60s era. Colorful candy-like stripes add boldness and uniqueness to the room. With such walls, it is best to choose calm furniture, for example, milky.

Why are striped wallpapers good?

You can also create a room in the popular Mediterranean style, which can not do without a white and blue stripe. Other shades are also used here: blue, yellow, aqua. Red is the perfect accent color.

Modern styles (minimalism, constructivism) also cannot exist without contrast. Often, when creating them, wide bright stripes are used, for example, black and white.

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