Why is it important to clean air ducts and ventilation

Why is it important to clean air ducts and ventilation

Duct cleaning is one of those tasks that is easy to forget about. Since air ducts and ventilation do not flash before our eyes and do not visually demonstrate their pollution, we often lose sight of them. However, cleaning of air ducts and ventilation is necessary. This is important for health and energy savings, as well as extending the life of the system.

One of the reasons to clean the ventilation is the feeling that the quality of oxygen in the room is declining. The air in the apartment, especially with the current high-performance windows with strong thermal insulation, is reduced. The transfer of air from the street to the house and vice versa is difficult. If at the same time the air ducts are clogged or very dusty, and the only oxygen circulates through them, then imagine for yourself what you breathe. In addition, mold and fungus, as well as microbes, can appear in the duct. In any case, by cleaning the ventilation system and air ducts, you will make your home better and improve the quality of oxygen. Now remember when was the last time you cleaned your air ducts?? Never, probably.

As well as the production of air ducts and their installation, cleaning is carried out by special companies. Why? Because for this they use special equipment that an ordinary person does not have at home. The cost of the service varies depending on the diameter of the duct, as well as on the type of cleaning (dusting and grease cleaning cost different amounts). In general, we can say that for a square meter of air duct cleaning, you can pay from 200 to 700 rubles.

There are two ways to clean air ducts and ventilation. One system connects to the duct and provides suction. A high pressure hose passes through a system to remove particles from their interior. Another system uses large specialized vacuum systems that suck up all contaminants through a hose. Both systems are acceptable and effective when operated by the proper personnel.

The ventilation system and all its elements must be thoroughly cleaned, and then a disinfectant is applied inside with a sprayer, which will eliminate mold, bacteria, dust mites.

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