Why plaster is better than drywall?

Why plaster is better than drywall?

It is impossible to answer this question unambiguously, since in each individual case you can bring your own arguments. Nevertheless, we can say for sure that plaster is much better suited for finishing small-sized rooms than drywall. The thing is that when installing drywall sheets on each wall, about 7-10 centimeters of space are hidden. After all, everyone knows that drywall is mounted on a special frame, which should be at a slight distance from the wall (ceiling) surface. In this case, plaster will help not only save space, but also visually enlarge the room, especially when it comes to mixtures of light colors.

Another argument in favor of plastering can be the cost of work. If for the installation of drywall sheets you need to spend money both on the purchase of materials and on the call of specialists, whose services are by no means cheap today, almost anyone can usually handle plastering work. However, the plaster mixture itself will be much cheaper than drywall.

A noticeable disadvantage of drywall walls is the impossibility of mounting various shelves on them, on which there may be objects that have a certain weight. Without special reinforcement, bulges, cracks and other defects may soon appear at the places where the shelves are attached to the drywall. When using a plaster mixture, you should not spend energy and money on installing fortifications, since plastered walls can easily withstand shelves, hanging cabinets, and household appliances.

One of the main advantages of drywall, which is given by modern experts, is durability. However, do not forget that the manufacturers themselves claim that such material can last no more than 15-20 years without losing its appearance and quality. Like it or not, and over time, drywall begins to gradually collapse, deform and significantly spoil the appearance of the room. High-quality and properly applied plaster can serve without loss of any characteristics for more than 30-35 years, while it can be updated or various reinforcing agents can be used, which will significantly extend the life of the coating.

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