Wooden house – pluses

Wooden house – pluses

To keep the usual humidity and thermal conditions in a brick house, it must always be heated.

If it was not used in the winter, then in the spring it will have to be heated for a long time before it heats up and the rooms will be dry. A wooden house or built according to the Izodom method is heated within a couple of hours.

The financial moment again is of great importance. The construction of a heavy foundation, thick brick walls and future cladding is up to two times more expensive when compared with the construction of the same wooden house or construction using the Izodom method using fixed polystyrene foam formwork.

In a house made of wood, cleaning and air exchange are more actively performed. Using a bar or a log indoors, up to thirty percent of the air can change during the day, and the unique properties of these materials make it possible in dry weather to release accumulated water, and in wet weather, on the contrary, to absorb its remnants from the living room. That is why wooden houses differ in a special microclimate and a high level of comfort.

Wood is quite a living material. Even after a log house, it breathes, exudes thermal energy, emits the smell of resin. Houses made of wood give people nourishment with bioenergetics, treat them, have a good effect on the human psyche.

A tree, like a person, has a temperature of 36 ° C, nature itself allowed the use of this unusual building material. And for the biological protection of the material, protection from the effects of the atmosphere and from sunbathing, a wide selection of the necessary materials is now offered on the market.

A house built using fixed formwork using the Izodom method provides creative space for the most daring ideas in architecture. In this material, you can implement any form of architecture – from a warm garage for your “Mercedes”, to the floating lines of a small country residence. And by heating the building you will become important in front of your neighbors – it is so economical.

Therefore, decide! If you are leaning towards the benefit of a wooden house or you are attracted by the durability and reliability of Izodom technology, we will continue this topic on the site in the next article.

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